I am a self taught Indian artist working predominantly in oils and ink drawings. I creating vibrant, abstract, textured art from my home studio, my work often invokes peace, calm and spiritual emotions among the viewers.  
Currently, working on Daily Oils and Daily Zentangles, that involves creating small paintings everyday. Daily Oils are exclusive Oil paintings on 6X6 inch panels with subjects ranging from Portraits, still life, landscapes and figures. Daily Zentangles are ink drawings of structured patterns on 3.5X3.5 inch paper tiles. 
Since the start of 2009, my artworks have been part of private collections in Canada, USA and India. I have also exhibited through juried shows in Dallas-Fort Worth area, USA.
I currently live in Chennai, India with myr husband and two little kids...
In the summer of 2010, I got a mailer about a Zentangle workshop to be held at a local Art Association.  As I saw the images of the art I instantly knew it was for me...It was all patterns beautifully done. As an artist I have an eye for them and appreciate and admire them, also they are a big part of our lives in my culture. I also have a sketchbook that has traveled 3 countries with me, which I often fill up with random patterns. So, yes I took the class and totally fell in love with Zentangle...I have been tangling regularly since then.
In October 2011, my stars aligned and I had the opportunity to meet the founders Rick and Maria  at the Zentangle land and got soaked in the magic of Zentangle.  I returned a Certified Zentangle Teacher, eager to share this wonderful art technique and process.

with Rick and Maria, founders of Zentangle..
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