April 8th Zentangles

Had a disturbed sleep last night...and woke up at 1:30 AM.. browsed through the FB, checked few whatsapp msges.. then to the kitchen to get some water  it was 2:30 AM already.. decided to get some sleep... back to the room I switched on the light and there..... there.... there...!!!!  I saw him...a teeny tiny monster bug that had been giving me sleepless nights for a while now... my scream woke the sleepy husband (who by the way never believed me when I said there was something in the bed).  The War was declared.. we caught him, pulled the mattress out only to find few more of his friends under there.... at 2:45 AM it was finally triumph... though we are still recoverying from the shock... All felt fine as I slept  through rest of the night cuddling my little boy on his bed !! 
Divided hearts...

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