The Diva Challenge # 62 Spiral vs Paradox

This week's Diva Challenge #62 is Spiral Vs Paradox is by my friend Marizaan van Beek  from South Africa.  The challenge is to use spiral together with paradox. Your basic string should be a spiral and tangled with paradox. More than one spiral string can be used.
Now, I totally love both the spirals and the paradox...and had actually tried something similar long back and I have to admit it did not come out the way I wanted it definitely was challenging to bring the best out of the circular spiral and the  linear paradox.. ....Since I knew the challenge involved....I was smiling, when I saw this weeks challenge.
As I sat at my desk thinking how to do this...I realized I had to make the linear paradox a bit circular so it flows with the spiral string and is not hard on the eye...
​Here is my title for Challenge #62
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