Help rebuild Chennai

The recent storm in Chennai and the subsequent floods has caused  personnel and heavy property loss. Most are rebuilding their lives and others are doing their bit to help them rebuild.
My friend and student Susan Alexander is doing her bit and has created this lovely art calendar  with her  Zentangle art works with the aim of donating ALL profits to charity.
All proceeds are going to The Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu (SPASTN) as they have been ravaged by the recent floods. See this article from the paper for more info: 
Please help her raise enough money for the cause.
In her words, Susan says...
I went to SPASTN yesterday to meet their director (L.V. Jayashree) and it was every bit as bad as the article says it is. Apparently, when they first opened the doors, the water had to be pumped out and there were numerous snakes inside.
They have papers drying EVERYWHERE - all records, class notes, individualised lesson plans, etc, were ALL submerged in the storm. Some of it has rotted away/disintegrated; what they could salvage, they are wheeling out in bulk lots in wheelchairs to dry in the sun. They are more than 20 years old so their record damage was extensive. They had gotten some new ACs for the rehabilitation wing which are completely ruined. Also, to repair a key motor pump alone will take Rs 12,000 apparently. Even their learning aids and toys and special therapy mats were lost in the storm. All that remains is battered furniture and a few solitary balls.
Mrs L V Jayashree's room too has cupboards that have suffered water damage, cabinets that cannot be closed and are therefore useless. Their rehablitation wing was full of toys, there's just damaged furniture and a few solitary balls lying around. They are not in a position to resume classes until the premises have been sanitised, which is happening on Monday. They have a skeletal staff and so she is pulled in all directions as she deals with everything and tries to figure out how to move forward. This is basically what I gathered in snatches in between all her staff scurrying in and out with queries and her having to answer key phone calls. 
Just wanted to ask you to support calendar sales by buying them for the festive season! The price per art calendar is Rs 400. 
The thing is, I need to move fast as production can only happen after I have an idea of how many orders I am likely to get. I am writing to as many people as I can to ask them to help.
I've also recently created an FB page: Susan's Mandalas to which I will be adding pictures and updates daily. You can contact me here as well.
Attached some pictures of the cover & an inside page so you can get an idea of the look n feel of the art calendar.
Only drawback: donations have to be in rupees as they do not handle international currency transactions. 
Payments can be made in cash by locals. For those from out of station, I can provide details of my bank account for bank transfers. Please write to me at for these details. I will also be posting details of how to make payment in a pinned post on the Susan's Mandalas page.
Stay tuned! Keep in touch by visiting my page!
Susan Alexander
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