Top eight reasons Zentangle is amazing and why you should learn how to make one

1. Anyone can learn how to draw a Zentangle.
2. It's relaxing and meditative. It lets your mind rest from the day's troubles so you can catch your breath and return to your day with a relaxed mind.
3. You don't need any technology to draw one, just some good pen and paper!
4. Any mistake you make becomes an integral part of the Zentangle, giving you a greater understanding of life itself.
5. It doesn't have to take very long to make one, unless you're really going overboard.
6. Its abstract so you don't have to make it look like anything, its a collection of patterns that you thought would look good together.
7. It surprises you every time, Zentangle harnesses the chaotic nature of the human mind through meditation and brings out something different and beautiful every time you make one.
8. It looks amazing in the end, but you feel just as great while you make it. 
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