Zentangles from last week!

It was one crazy week.......When the spouse travels.....one is forced to put together the single parent act.....though it is tough in itself getting the two super talking kids to hurry up for the school and make sure they get into that bus.....it only gets tougher when they fall sick one after another...Of all the parenting tasks I find tending to a sick child the hardest!!!.....It is at these times, I feel blessed to be a doing something while being a stay at home mom!
Here are some Zentangles that kept me going...

"2DEC" .....ink drawings  ©SandhyaManne
(Ing,Tipple, Dizzy Daisy)

"3DEC" .....ink drawings  ©SandhyaManne
(Hurry, Flux, Bunzo and Printemps)

"4DEC" .....ink drawings  ©SandhyaManne

"5DEC" .....ink drawings  ©SandhyaManne
(Ing, Bunzo)
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